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Updated: 15 February 2004
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pnmcomp - composite (overlay) two PNM images together




[-align={left|center|right| beyondleft|beyondright}] [-valign={top|middle|bottom| above|below}] [-xoff=X] [-yoff=Y] [-alpha=alpha-pgmfile] [-invert] [-opacity=opacity] overlay_file [underlying_file [output_file]]

Minimum unique abbreviation of option is acceptable. You may use double hyphens instead of single hyphen to denote options. You may use white space in place of the equals sign to separate an option name from its value.



This program is part of Netpbm(1).

pnmcomp was obsoleted by pamcomp(1),introducedwithNetpbm10.21 (March 2004). pamcomp is backward compatible with pnmcomp, plus adds many additional functions, including the ability to process PAM images, and tends to produce better transparency results.

pnmcomp remains in the Netpbm package because it probably has fewer bugs for now than pamcomp, and is faster. Some day, pnmcomp will probably become an alias for pamcomp.

You can use the pamcomp documentation for pnmcomp, considering the following differences:

pnmcomp options are a subset of pamscale's, as
     documented above.
pnmcomp always assumes the input is linear, as pamcomp
     does when you specify its -linear option.
pnmcomp cannot process PAM images.



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